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Emma Rooney writes...

Where do you get all the information about Gargoyles from, without calling/visiting the sculptor?

Greg responds...

The sculptor?

Mostly, I make it up. Or rather, I made it up some time ago and I either type it up from memory or I refer to my old notes.

Or maybe, as I've suggested before, I'm just psychically tapping into the Gargoyles Universe -- if that doesn't sound TOO pretentious.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

Since the Illuminati are going to be the villains for Pendragon, New Olympians, Bad Guys and Gargoyles were you planning a crossover for all four series?

Greg responds...

This is all so hypothetical. All series are set in the so-called "GARGOYLES UNIVERSE" so you would see characters running in and out of everywhere. So I guess the answer is technically yes. But deciding whether or not there'd be a true cross-over, i.e. a story that started with a Part One in one series and ended with a Part Two in another would completely depend on outside criteria, like whether the network would allow something like that.

Response recorded on November 14, 2003

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phil seiler writes...

hi greg i want know why they put gargoyles on churches

Greg responds...

You mean within the world of the show or otherwise?

Among the possible answers...


Design flourishes.

Superstitious totems.

Symbolic protectors.

Living creatures who have lived on that spot for centuries before the church existed...

Response recorded on October 21, 2003

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Wolfram Bane (wolfram_bane@hotmail.com) writes...

Weisman, Greg

Given the 'everything is real' concept, does Greg Weisman, gargoyle scholar, exist within the Gargoyles universe?

Greg responds...

I never said that "everything is real".

The Weird Sisters believe that "All things are true".

There's a huge difference in my mind.

As to whether there's a Greg Weisman in the Garg Universe, I honestly haven't given it any thought. Which in and of itself seems strange, don't you think?

I've thought about me being transported to the Garg Universe. And after seeing "Galaxy Quest" (directed by Dean Parisot, a dad in my kids' Indian Guides and Indian Princess Tribes), I thought about what would happen if the gargs actually showed up at the Gathering, but I haven't thought about whether or not I have a parallel version over there.

And now I can't because you just submitted it as an idea.

Oh, well.

Response recorded on October 15, 2003

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Gipdac writes...

In the gargoyles universe;
1) How large was Atlantis?
2) Where was Atlantis originally?

Greg responds...

1. I haven't given this a lot of thought at this time.
2. I have given this a lot of thought but do not want to reveal it at this time.


Response recorded on September 26, 2003

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LK writes...

This could be a delicate subject:

Although the World Trade Center is gone, <:( ,
will it still exist in the "Gargoyle universe?"

(or will this even be an issue?)

I apologize if there has already been a 9/11 "ramble".

I couldn't find anything in the archives.

Greg responds...

Well, probably when you posted this there wasn't. But you might have looked to see that a few dozen people posted this question before you did and that ultimately I would get to it before I got to yours. Oh, well. Check the archives again, and I'm sure you'll see an answer.

Response recorded on August 29, 2003

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Benjamin Gilbert writes...

Right off the bat, I should let you (and everyone else) know that I have some reservations about asking this question at all, but... the question seems important, somehow. The whole "gargoyles protect" thing, I suppose.

I was watching Awakening the other day, and there's a prominent shot (I don't remember in which part) of the World Trade towers. They were central to The Mirror, and probably were shown in other eps too.

1. In your mind, did the September 11th disaster happen in the Gargoyles universe?

2. If so, in your mind, is there a story there somewhere? (Not that you could tell it on the air, necessarily.) I mean, do you have thoughts about what the gargoyles did, or what Xanatos' reaction was, or suchlike? How do your particular set of extraordinary people react in those extraordinary circumstances? Or have you not thought about it?

3. If no to #1, would the WTC towers still be there in future episodes, or would they quietly vanish from the Manhattan skyline?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. I've occassionally thought about it. But not in any real depth. Avoidance, I guess. I don't think I'd tell a story about it. The series "Without a Trace" just did a two-part episode that was very well-handled dealing with the aftermath of 9/11. And yet, there were moments where I couldn't help thinking it was still exploitive. And I like both the series and the episodes. I don't see how we could possibly, in the context of a fantasy-action show like ours, do justice to the magnitude of that event. So, yes, it happened, and, yes, it effected every one of our characters. But I doubt I'd ever address it on air, unless I (or someone on my staff) came up with just a brilliant take on it. But that seems unlikely.

3. N.A.

Response recorded on June 02, 2003

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Aris Katsaris writes...

Galvatron> I think you are confusing Greg's words and intent... His take is after all something like "Everything is true for a given value of 'true'"...

He never said that Muslims, Jews and Christians are *correct* in everything they believed. That might indeed be offensive - but it would also be impossible to pull off, since after all, they believe in some contradictory things as well.

From what I understand, Greg said that these guys worship what they perceive as Infinite and as Creator. That's factually correct in our real world. And then he went on to say that such an Infinite and a Creator exists. Some of the more specific beliefs may well be wrong.

Pagans believed in Zeus or Odin or Osiris or many others gods. And Greg says that, yes, Zeus and Odin and Osiris also exist. But some of the more specific beliefs about them may also be wrong.

So your claim seems to me to be nothing more than "Odin isn't portrayed as Infinite!". To which my response is: "He was never supposed to be, not even by the Norse themselves."

Now if Greg went on to portray the afterlife exactly as Christianity portrays it, *that* might be a bit exclusive... But it seems to me that he's going for a diversity of afterlives, a bit similar to what Terry Pratchett did...

(Weirdly enough however I *was* annoyed by the intrusion of monotheism and dualism in shows like Hercules & Xena which previously featured polytheistic pantheons. But that was more because it seemed to me to subvert the very theme of the heroism of "Man vs gods" and turn it into "The Real God[tm] vs the many false gods"... Greg portrays a universe where all these beliefs can pretty much coexist. The producers of Xena, on the other hand decided to portray a universe where they must fight to the death - the introduction of The One God immediately made the lesser gods something evil which needed to be destroyed. Bleh! )

Sorry for the rant, Greg! :-)

Greg responds...

No prob.

But I do think both of you have sort of missed the point. Personally, I believe in both God and evolution. I'm also a bit of a pantheistic pagan, and I don't find any of these notions mutually exclusive. But that's me.

What I believe I've always said about the show is that whatever you believe created OUR universe also created the garg universe. If that's one or more of the above (plus or minus) something else, fine.

Response recorded on May 30, 2003

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Justin writes...

Dear Greg,

You said that, and Goliath has also said that, "Long ago there were clans all over the world." Well that is a pretty vague statement. I do understand it was intentional but the idea has bothered be for close to six years now, where were these clans? Were there any in the americas? Africa? Italy? Moscow? I really would like to know how far the species migrated.


Greg responds...

What part of "all over the world" don't you understand?

If you want me to list every clan location... well, I won't. I'm not going to go through an Atlas and start choosing spots.

The Americas? You know it. Africa? Sure. Italy? Absolutely. Moscow, specifically? I don't know.

They are an old race. Now on the verge of extinction, but once upon a time they were (briefly) the dominant species on the planet. They spread out.

Response recorded on May 27, 2003

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

Lastly the hard one: I took a quick look through the waiting to be answered section, (mea culpa, I don't usually check that part, only the actually answered sections), and I saw a few questions about the recent terrorist attack and the Gargoyles universe. I too am wondering what your thoughts on it are. Forgive me for being presumptuous, but my gut reaction is that you would want to deal with it. Gargoyles never stayed away from difficult issue, and this one came to it. If and (hopefully) when the show continues in some form, and assuming Disney allows you to, how would you handle it? Until now you have said you are leaning to continuing the show post Journey and going through the intervening years at a quick pace. It wouldn't necessarily be obvious what year it is in the story, but the people who are interested would be able to fit it into place and know the time frame from the internet. Now the time frame will be obvious with the most cursory glance.

Aside from the logistics of fitting it in and when, is the issue of how. Gargoyles has it easier than your run of the mill superhero. First off, it happened in the morning, so there us no question of them having been there. (And the fact that so many characters in the show are cops puts us literally and figuratively at ground zero.) Second off, they are strong and they can glide, but they have no way of magically lifting building high stacks of rubble, or zeroing in on survivors under those stacks. They cannot teleport, or put trapped survivors in stasis until they can be reached. In short, they are little more than a few extra sets of extremely strong hands. Still, for a fictional story to save one more life than we have so desperately managed to save strikes me as somewhat offensive. With the heartache and heroism we have seen in the past few days, it is so hard to find the balance between doing disservice to a difficult issue by ignoring it, and doing disservice to that same issue by trivializing it. Not that it shouldn't be tried, In between the extremes is a major service art plays to humanity.

Personally the whole incident has been as bizarre as it is horrendous. Sometime in the middle of Rosh HaShanna I found myself praying I would turn the television after the holiday to hear they found even just one more survivor. I am sure many were doing the same thing, but I was praying that for the rescue workers, so that they would have something to help them go on. At the same time I still hadn't, haven't completely registered the event. The numbers are too big to compute. And yet, I saw the second tower fall from Christopher street, the closest the subway got to work, and knew I had to continue walking south to work to get to my non-telephone based e-mail to be sure I could contact the outside world and get word out I was fine and find out about all my friends who worked even further downtown than I, (not to mention getting word to cousins in Israel who are used to the calls going the other way). I was able to hear that all my friends got out unharmed by noon and began the long walk home. All along the way people had set up radios and televisions for everyone to huddle around and sort out what exactly had happened. I have always maintained New Yorkers are far more friendly and caring than we will admit, but now, it is obvious. By the time we reached the 12th street the people lined up to give blood filled avenues by Saint Vincent hospital. They had so many people asking to volunteer that we were told
to try again in several hours. My friend had chosen a bad day not to wear sensible shoes, and we were stopping into shoe stores all the way north to find her a pair of Keds without luck.

Of course, once I got back to my apartment, and later at friends, we watched amazing amounts of news. With exception of sabbeth and the holiday, I don't think I've gone more than 5 hours without checking it in one way or another. In the days before we were allowed to go back to work we switched off between the news and silly things. I saw The Princess Diaries, my boss admitted to a slightly more
serious movie, but not much more. Thursday the wind shifted and we could smell the smoke. The wind still mainly blows away from us, but every once in a while it turns north again and it smells as if the city decided to put all its ovens on self clean mode. But for the most part the weather had been bizarrely clear and lovely.

Since then we have heard stories of heroism and humanity. Instead of panic and everyman for himself, people were orderly as they made their long way down. Strangers helped, even carried, each other down the stairs. Hundreds of firemen, police and other rescue workers ran back in and up and most probably died in the collapse. Thousands are dead, but thousands were saved by human kindness at the most basic and heroic level. I have never been more proud to be a New Yorker. [And that isn't even dealing with all the people that flocked to NY to help, nor the war I feel we must fight and pray we are mature enough to handle as we have not been in the past.] Everyone here knows at least someone who lost someone. And you can't help but look out windows that used to see the towers, or just down the street, and see a surreal open skyline still full of smoke.

I can't see how any story set in this city at this time can ignore the events, yet I am still too close to know if it is possible to do it justice. I am a (supposed) adult who has had more exposure to terrorism
than most New Yorkers and have an ability 'get used' to new status quos quicker than many. You have repeatedly said that Gargoyles would remain child friendly, even if the topics became more mature. I cannot help but think that children are in even more need than adults to make sense of these events and how it changes us.

thanks for the answers, (and the chance to vent).


Greg responds...


I'm tempted not to respond at all. I'm not sure what I could say that would be even half as eloquent as what you just wrote. I know months have passed since you wrote those words, but today they have effected me deeply.

To answer your question... I just don't know. The plan to continue the series where we left off and speed through the years (keeping hard-core fans posted via the internet) made a ton of sense to me before September 11th. Now, of course, everything's changed. It's easy enough to simply NOT show the twin towers. If we're careful it just means we're not pointing the camera that way. And it could be before or after 9/11. But leaving it at that is something of a cop-out.

You've really hit the nail square on the head. How would I, would anyone really, deal with this topic respectfully in a fictional universe? On one level, I'd love to include it -- if for no other reason than to work out some of my own demons about that days events. As you said, the Gargoyles wouldn't even learn about it until sunset.

Then what? I don't think I'd have any of our regulars die in those events. It would seem to cheapen the sacrifices made by real flesh and blood people. Obviously, after the fact, I don't see how I could avoid having Elisa and the Gargs lend a hand. They wouldn't save anyone. How could I allow it? But just try to help.

But even that seems less than respectful. From my vantage in California, it's hard to see a way clear. Ultimately, this probably would never be a decision that would be left in my hands. But if it was, I'd have to take on a consultant (or two or ten). Representatives of all aspects of the event. People who were involved.

That's the best I can come up with now? It's all too hypothetical and painful to figure out in more detail.

But in the simplest terms if what you're asking me is whether or not the towers came down on 9-11-01 in the Gargoyle Universe, then the answer is yes.

Response recorded on May 09, 2002

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