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Benjamin Gilbert writes...

Right off the bat, I should let you (and everyone else) know that I have some reservations about asking this question at all, but... the question seems important, somehow. The whole "gargoyles protect" thing, I suppose.

I was watching Awakening the other day, and there's a prominent shot (I don't remember in which part) of the World Trade towers. They were central to The Mirror, and probably were shown in other eps too.

1. In your mind, did the September 11th disaster happen in the Gargoyles universe?

2. If so, in your mind, is there a story there somewhere? (Not that you could tell it on the air, necessarily.) I mean, do you have thoughts about what the gargoyles did, or what Xanatos' reaction was, or suchlike? How do your particular set of extraordinary people react in those extraordinary circumstances? Or have you not thought about it?

3. If no to #1, would the WTC towers still be there in future episodes, or would they quietly vanish from the Manhattan skyline?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. I've occassionally thought about it. But not in any real depth. Avoidance, I guess. I don't think I'd tell a story about it. The series "Without a Trace" just did a two-part episode that was very well-handled dealing with the aftermath of 9/11. And yet, there were moments where I couldn't help thinking it was still exploitive. And I like both the series and the episodes. I don't see how we could possibly, in the context of a fantasy-action show like ours, do justice to the magnitude of that event. So, yes, it happened, and, yes, it effected every one of our characters. But I doubt I'd ever address it on air, unless I (or someone on my staff) came up with just a brilliant take on it. But that seems unlikely.

3. N.A.

Response recorded on June 02, 2003