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WEISMANSWERS 2009-05 (May)

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anonymous writes...



1 - Any Man-Wolf plans in mind for season three or another season? Think Frank Welker could do the voice for Man-Wolf?

2 - Hope to see more Doc Ock. Wish he'd interacted with Mysterio and more with Kraven in season two, but I know you can only do so much every season. Maybe next season we can see them together on-screen?

3- Now that Hobie Brown finally spoke on your show, think the voice actor for Hobie will return for more episodes next season even if he doesn't become Prowler?

4 - Hope we see more of Mysterio in season three. And the REAL Mysterio, not a robot of him. I also love his gargoyle robots. They were a hoot in "Opening Night". (My favorite gargoyle line: "Pistachio!")

**end o spoilers**

Greg responds...

1. No comment on my plans, but as much as I love Frank, I'm not sure why I'd recast the part, when Daran Norris is so great.

2. No comment.

3. Yes.

4. Those weren't gargoyles; they were homunculi.

Response recorded on May 01, 2009

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