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Mary Mack writes...

Where can *I* buy a copy of Cree Summer's CD?

Everyone eat Round Table pizza!

Oh! And sign up for G2002!

And write to Disney asking for Gargoyles DVD's! (Greg, you can tell Mr. Fukuto that I'll by Gargs on DVD, and I don't have a DVD player.)

Greg responds...

I love Cree's CD. Have you tried a record store?

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Meteo writes...

Dear Me. Weisman,

You recently mentioned that the most pragmatic thing to do currently would be to petition Disney for a DVD release. Who and/or what departments at Disney would you suggest writing to? Thank you!

Greg responds...

I'm not 100% sure, actually.

Buena Vista Home Video, perhaps.

Walt Disney Television Animation.

Starting points...

Response recorded on August 24, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

Good evening Mr. Wiesman.

I've seen how the vidio version of Awakening cuts a lot of scenes that were on T.V., but I've also noticed that there were a few things added. Such as, a few very short scenes, like Goliath saying "godspeed" to the trio when they went for the disk (although, they cut more of the latter convorsation, and I don't know if Goliath WOULD say godspeed), I think there were some more small extras to. Some of the sound effects were enhanced as well (for better and for worse). SO, to get to my question. Do you know if the videos for the first season were made differn't from the TV version? Anything differnt, form deleted scenes, to extra scenes, ro better sound, to anything new at all, that would make it worthwhile to purchase or rent? And I'm sorry for wasting you time if you don't have a clue.

Thank you

Greg responds...

I can't tell you whether it's "worthwhile". They are simply different. Two different teams did the editing and the sound effects with two VERY different purposes in mind.

The series version, is in my mind, the true version. Though I was on the team that did the post-production on what became the Video version (though it was not originally created for video, but for a 35mm big screen preview at Walt DisneyWorld).

There is also yet a third version done by a third team (and I don't even KNOW who these people were) that was done for the syndicated movie version.

All might be interesting to view in comparison to each other. I certainly have copies of both of the first two versions. But I can't judge for you whether it's interesting enough to be worth your money.

Response recorded on August 07, 2001

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Naresh Sookhoo writes...

Dear Sir,

I am a very big fan of the show and I have almost all the episodes on tape, however the disney channel here in England have never shown the end of season 2 or any of season 3. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me to get the remaining episodes I need I'll pay whatever price or go anywhere in the world for them. I have been searching for these episodes for years, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Yours truely,

Naresh Sookhoo (Gargoyles fan)

Greg responds...

Hey, Naresh. Obviously, you didn't check out the Archives. I don't have any way of providing you with what you are missing.

But ask in the Station 8 Gargoyles Comment Room. Someone there may be able to help you.

Response recorded on August 06, 2001

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chirco1999@aol.com writes...

My 4 year old son abosolutely loves Gargoyles. We can no longer get him to go to bed early. He has to stay up and watch Gargoyles at 10pm. He even acts out the opening as Goliath breaks out of his stone and growls. A pretty awesome sight when you get to see it. Anyhow, my question is: were there ever any action figures made and if so, would you know how my husband and I coulf get ahold of them? Thank you Susanne Chirco

Greg responds...

Thanks for writing Susanne,

Yes, Kenner did make action figures. Finding them these days might be tough. Have you tried e-bay? Or one of the comment rooms?

Response recorded on July 17, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

1. In "Journey" you introduced John Castaway. Would he be involved in any way, in any of your spinoffs? The reason I ask is, I know he won't be alive in 2198. (Maybe his great grandson or some relative) But other than 2198 are you planning anything more with him?

2. Since I know you only worked on one episode of TGC, would you personally (should your spinoffs come back to TV) ignore what has taken place in the remaining episodes of the TGC seeing how you were not involved in their creation? Or were some of the TGC episodes ideas yours which you were planning before your contract ran out? I don't think some episodes can be completely ignored. However I hated that in TGC, they killed off the clones. What is your take on this?

3. By the way, since the Gathering 2001 is over, may I ask if there was any petitioning done to jumpstart Gargoyles and make it TV-borne again? If so, how'd it go?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. I've answered this before too. My current thinking, which is not etched in stone, is to ignore what I don't consider canon. Enough time has passed and any new episodes would need to stand on their own two feet anyway. If anyone's confused about contradictions between TGC and the new stuff, they can check out the internet site that we will have to clarify all this stuff.

3. I didn't see any petitions. Feel like starting one? I'd focus on DVD's for now.

Incidentally, your post here should theoretically have been broken up into three posts, since your questions were on three separate topics. I haven't reminded people of that in a while. I ignored the rule breaking this time, but don't make a habit of it.

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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Carl Gouveia writes...

I would like to know if Gargoyles has been released on DVD; I loved the show when it first aired and I would love to be able to own the entire series. I'm a begin fan of Shakespeare and I enjoyed how you intergrated many of his characters into to the Gargoyles plot lines. I also enjoyed all the other cultural storys you used in your stories (ie. bushido, lockness, griffins). I hope one day you will be able to create new episodes. Good luck.

Greg responds...

Thanks. At the moment the series is NOT available on DVD. But Jay Fukuto, Disney TV Animation's VP of Creative Affairs is checking into the possibility for us. (I'm glad someone asked him at the Gathering. Sounds a bit self-serving, coming from me.)

Response recorded on July 10, 2001

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evagilbert@home.com writes...

I need 2 gargoyles for my daughters production number at dance. Either to buy or rent. I need them by Monday the latest, 3-4 feet high each. Could you help me???

Greg responds...


I'm not even reading this until July 2nd.

And we don't sell or rent gargoyles at this site. Goliath might take offense.

(I'm guessing this person will never read this response.)

Response recorded on July 02, 2001

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(handel)Luna Wyvern writes...

Why was Gargoyles canceled off the air?
Will it ever be on ever again?
Can I do something about this situation?

Greg responds...

Start by taking a look at the archives for a good answer.

At this point, I might suggest that the most pragmatic thing people could do is to petition Disney for a DVD release. Politely.

Response recorded on July 01, 2001

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Electra Victoria writes...

When will the episodes after "TURF" be shown on Toon Disney in England? I'm a die hard fan but I need more. I need to see the journey and so on because I love the Goliath/Elisa thing. Hit me back Hun. Thanks for a great show!

Greg responds...

I don't have any idea, I'm afraid, when they schedule anything. I don't even get Toon Disney in my neighborhood.

Response recorded on June 30, 2001

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