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Ed writes...

'THRILL OF THE HUNT' comments.

Hi there, Greg. I'll be a bit behind everyone else with these comments I'm afraid. Should I put episode comments in separate posts if I talk about separate episodes? I'll do it just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, I like this episode a lot. It gives us the best view of Lexington's personality of the 66 (or indeed, 78), and I like the Pack here. Actually, the Pack appeal to me more here than in most of their subsequent outings. The predator/prey irony is very appealing, but the 'Evil Ninjas' amused me too. I wonder what happened to all those guys?

I never understood why this was listed under your list of dodgy animation anyway, really. Goliath was especially well-drawn throughout.

Loved Billy and Susan. The injustice is immensely frustrating to me, which of course is what makes it so great.

Incidentally, the first scene was nifty too. I'm not sure what about it appeals to me so much; maybe the great drawing, maybe the 'calm before the storm' tone, or maybe it's just because it's got Owen looking so... Owen. But it always sticks in my mind.

Pity that the last time I watched it (about a year ago), I pressed the wrong button after I wound it back and taped over this and most of 'TEMPTATION' before I realise what I'd done. Humbug. (It also took me forever to tape in the first place; Disney Channel UK ran through the whole series but played 'LONG WAY TO MORNING' twice in the proper spot and instead of 'THRILL OF THE HUNT'. Seems like it's one of those doomed episodes for me... not as doomed as 'MONSTERS' which I tried three times and had a disaster each time, but...

Greg responds...

Sorry, it was so tough. This was one of the episodes released on Home Video? Could you get it that way?

Response recorded on July 03, 2000

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Eric Lindberg writes...

Hi Greg,
I was wondering if you have seen the Sega Gargoyles video game. The reason I mention it is I am curious about the Rookery. Did it really look the way it was presented- i.e. lava pits and underground caverns- or did you have something else in mind?

Greg responds...

I've seen the box. Can't really comment on the rest.

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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