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SSM Fan writes...

A few SSM questions:
1. The titles: I think it was incredibly clever of you to come up with "theme" titles for each arc. How did you come up with it? And more importantly, how did you make each title's double meaning perfectly suit the plot of its respective episode?
2. Why did the Vulture dip his fingers in what looked to be smashed potatoes and smeared it on the wall in "Group Therapy"?
3. You said the Scorpion was slated to appear in season 3. Could you give us a taste of his involvement in the plot? Would he already be a super villain, or would he become on à la Sandman and Rhino?

You are a genius and it makes me sad you are not as appreciated as you should. Networks should fight over you and lock you to a 10 years contract per show. And it makes me sick how some crappy shows get renewed and milked forever and your shows get cancelled in their peak.

I really hope on day you can get to do movies or at least TV series.

A Big Fan.

Greg responds...

1. The theme of the entire series was "The Education of Peter Parker". And originally, the plan was to release a DVD movie version, every three or four episodes, that would include deleted scenes and that would play as one film. So every mini-arc had it's own title, such as "Biology 101". Then for the episodes, we'd look for a title that fit the "course work" but also the episode. Titles came from myself and/or the writers. It wasn't all that difficult. The English language is wonderfully flexible, with nearly every word containing multiple meanings or connotations.

2. Wasn't potatoes. It was a glow-in-the-dark solution to mark the escape route.

3. He'd have become one.

Response recorded on April 02, 2013

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I should have posted this days ago, but I just want to strongly recommend Volume 4 of LOVE AND CAPES (subtitled "What to Expect") by Thomas F. Zahler.

I'm a huge fan of Thom's work, and this book is just great.

I wrote the introduction to the volume, so I won't repeat it here, but I will say that this saga of super-heroes and romance just keeps getting better and better. Other fans include Mark Waid and Kurt Busiek, two of the best writers in comics.

You should really check it out.

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Denver Comic Con

With WonderCon in my rearview mirror - and April Fool's Day over too - it's time to do a little promotion for my NEXT appearance, i.e. Denver Comic Con.

Here are some details:

May 31 - June 2 - Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO

Other guests include Stan Lee, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, George Takei and more! Tickets are on sale now!

If anyone wants to tweet and re-tweet about Denver Comic Con using the registered hashtags, that'd be great:

Or share the offical Denver Comic Con event page with other fans & friends:

Let's help make DCC a great success!

And count on another ASK GREG LIVE event (or some equivalent) there, as well.

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In my on-going shameless attempt to maintain buzz about my new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, due out in stores and on-line on December 3rd, 2013 (but available for pre-order NOW on Amazon, etc.), I'm updating you on my progress proofreading the proofs of the book. (Yes, it's ridiculous, but I did use the word 'shameless' now, didn't I?)

This is a painstaking process. I'm going through each chapter sentence by sentence, trying to be careful with each word, each punctuation point.

Tonight, I finished proofing Chapters Ten through Twelve.

Here are all the changes I've indicated in these three chapters:

P. 102
In first partial paragraph, change "forties" to "fifties".

P. 103
In second full paragraph, add "own" to "At the picture in her own hand."
Also in second full paragraph, the entire end of the paragraph from "N.T.Z." on, should be in italics.

P. 109
In first partial paragraph, change "mother" to "mom".

P. 115
In fifth full paragraph, remove quotation marks around "icky-face."

P. 118
In first partial paragraph, added comma between "…air, and we…"

Admit it. You're intrigued.

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hmm... writes...

What were Zatanna's spells in cornered?

Greg responds...

Well, she had a fainting spell and a hunger spell and a chatty spell.

Of course, I would have thought all this was obvious from watching the show. I mean, dude, note the timestamp.

Response recorded on April 01, 2013

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Anon writes...

Dear Greg,

Let me just start by saying that I am a complete fan of Young Justice. I absolutely love it and I am a fan.

I saw that you answered a question in which someone asked if Artemis knows Nightwing's secret identity. And you answered that as of Season 2, she did.

So my questions are:

1. Why did Dick tell Artemis his secret identity? Or did she figure it out herself? Or even through Wally?
2. Who else knows? (I know you might not answer this one, but I might as well give it a try.)

Greg responds...

1. Artemis saw Dick naked in the Cave's communal shower. Later, that same day, she saw him naked in the Gotham Academy's communal shower, and thus was able to identify him by a telltale zit. Frankly, it's ironic that she had to see him naked twice to make that identification, since the zit was on his chin. But that's what happened.

2. Well, the audience knows. But as far as I can tell from Ask Greg, they're all named "Anonymous".

Response recorded on April 01, 2013

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CGYJ writes...

Hello, Mr. Greg Weisman,

I have no important questions today, but I'd like to share my thoughts on "Cornered."

My thoughts about "Cornered":

A. Did Jaime Made The Right Decision? - It is becoming more and more unclear. Watching "Before the Dawn," I'd suspected that IF impulse had not been able to rescue Blue Beetle, it would have been the moment that Jaime was corrupted. Impulse, however stated he know NONE of the details that led to the corruption of the Scarab. Jaime now wants the Scarab off, but what if that led to the Scarab's eventual corruption should it attach to someone else? It makes one wonder…

B. Poor Miss Martian - It's a shame that Miss Martian's self-confidence seems to have shattered after the events of "Before The Dawn." I hope that she does get her head back in the game before the end of the season. However, that does leave some concern to her fate once the conflict with The Reach is resolved. Personally, I think either she'll get kicked off the Team, OR she'll probably live in a self-imposed exile without telling anyone where she goes…

C. Mal Duncan's Character Development - Becoming Guardian is an awesome move, and I'm looking forward to see more of him in action. In regards to his relationship with Bumblebee, I sense that it's only going to become more and more strained. I'm waiting to see if their strained relationship factors in any way to why the Reach Apocalypse possibly happened.

D. Gradual Fall From Grace - That's the best words to describe what I feel is happening to the Justice League right about now. For the Reach Apocalypse to somehow have happened in the future, one of the possible reasons would have to be the public's complete distrust of the Justice League, and then when the Reach turns their back on humanity, the public is going to have to regret what they did. I also think that the Justice League probably got killed when they actually do have to fight the Reach, but considering there has been very few key facts about the future that has been revealed, I suppose I shouldn't get my hopes up to find out if I'm right…

Thanks for taking the time to read my posting,

Greg responds...


B. Miss Martian was kicked off the Team because those guys just hate White Martians.

C. The Reach Apocalypse was a direct result of the closing of the Happy Harbor Bowling Alley. Without bowling, Earth just surrendered.

D. The Justice League still exists in the future that Bart came from. They simply changed their name to "The Reach League".

Of course, I would have thought all this was obvious from watching the show. I mean, dude, note the timestamp.

Response recorded on April 01, 2013

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Shade234 writes...

Hey Greg!I loved "Cornered"!
1.How old is Virgil Hawkins?
2.How old is Neutron/Nathaniel Tryon?
3.Why didn't Artemis with Kaldur just surrender to Beast Boy and M'gann? It would've been a good way to get them out of deep cover. After all, they'd found out who the Partner was.

Greg responds...

1. He's 75 if he's a day.

2. He's 75 if he's a day.

3. Because she's 75 if she's a day.

Of course, I would have thought all this was obvious from watching the show. I mean, dude, note the timestamp.

Response recorded on April 01, 2013

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btgr writes...

My review and disappointments for YJI episode "Cornered":

I enjoyed the scenes with Captain Atom, Black Canary, Blue Beetle and Impulse. Captain Atom is most likely saying "Screw the Reach!" or "Nonsense!" inside his thoughts. I noticed Jaime Reyes is shirtless again in this episode!

Mal Duncan was funny in this episode and he resembles Steel/John Henry Irons from that terrible Shaquille O'Neal movie "Steel" while wearing that Guardian costume.

I don't trust that Wade Eiling. I still believe all the US Military soldiers who are working under his wing are dirty, corrupt, merciless, cold-blooded and bloodthirty terrorists in uniform, unless you can give evidence in the upcoming episodes.

And Miss Martian did indeed watered her uncle's plants after all. Oh and more hilarity from G. Gordon Godfrey and he's so obsessed with the Reach lately. Looking forward to True Colours.

My disappointments:
You win 10 points for introducing Static/Virgil Hawkins properly, but you lose 20 points for not introducing the other two unknown liberated abductees who were waiting in the corridor.

Greg responds...

In scenes that were cut for time, Wade sacrificed himself nobly in order to help Miss Martian get to Chicago in time to water her uncle's plants, so that the watering could all be done by the time Conner arrived, so that they could watch "Steel" on Netflix. Unfortunately, all this effort was for naught, as John Jones' Netflix subscription had run out while he was in space.

The good news is that Asami and Eduardo recovered from the amnesia they were experiencing during "Cornered" (which explains why they COULD NOT be introduced in the episode, since they didn't know their own names).

Of course, I would have thought all this was obvious from watching the show. I mean, dude, note the timestamp.

Response recorded on April 01, 2013

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Gallex writes...

I find it funny that much of the YJ fandom is now pairing Bart with Jamie romantically. What are your thoughts on it?

Greg responds...

Do you mean before or after their on-screen kiss in Endgame?

Of course, I would have thought all this was obvious from watching the show. I mean, dude, note the timestamp.

Response recorded on April 01, 2013

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