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Moeen writes...

This question is actually not about Gargoyles.

I was wondering if you have seen or know about the animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender." If you have seen it, what do you think of it?

I've heard some people complain about how animation and animated shows in America have been in a decline since the 90's, but Avatar is actually the best animated show I've seen since Gargoyles. It came out a few years ago on Nickelodeon and is currently in it's third season.

The shows strong points are many that made Gargoyles such a great show, namely very complex characters, a complex plot and excellent pacing among other qualities. Like Gargoyles, it also appeals to many different age groups, not just kids.

You've mentioned how it would be difficult to air a show like Gargoyles these days with the current lack of S&P freedom, but the creators of Avatar have nonetheless managed to make a great show with an excellent storyline apparently without sacrificing anything, and it has become quite a hit.

So I thought you might be interested in looking into it, if you haven't already.

Greg responds...

I've seen clips from Avatar, but I haven't seen a full episode.

I've heard very good things, but it doesn't change my argument. Nick has Avatar and... and...

Myself and others I know have pitched shows to Nick, shows that might be great companions to Airbender, and yet... and yet...

Avatar seems to be the exception that TESTS the rule. But the rule seems to still be in place.

Response recorded on October 30, 2007