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Phoenician writes...

Hey, Greg! I may be a week or two late, but here's my review of 'Clan Building: Chapter VI - Reunion!"

First off, I got the comic the first Saturday after it came out, and I'm positive the only reason I was able to still find a copy was that I asked my comic shop to hold one for me the previous Tuesday. That, and the clerk said, "Last copy, buddy!" I then asked if they were going to be carrying Bad Guys #1, and he said not to worry, they would have it when it comes out (I was so happy from this wonderful news I forgot to ask if they were ordering more of #6 . . . sorry!)

Anyways, won't go into everything, since it's mostly all been said, but here's what I enjoyed:

-LOVED the cover, we don't get many shots of Bronx, so it's pretty cool.
-Again another shot of the Eyrie Building, I may be a geek about it, but you can't deny it's beauty.
-Snow in New York again, the year's slowly quickly coming to a close, now that Halloween's over!
-Lexington still miffed about Brentwood . . . eh, can't blame him really for that.
-Thailog in a toga . . . I like it, in retrospect it kinda makes his battle armor more "Roman-y" as well.
-#9 Shari . . . though she's 'serving' Thailog, it's clear she's the one in control (more-so at the end).
-The return of the skiff!!! It feels like seeing an old friend.
-Nice continuity on returning to Angela's one piece wardrobe during the flashback.
-Elisa in a cloak . . . this is a rare sight to see (and appreciate!)
-Even MORE rare is a third-quarter moon when the World Travelers flee the Monastary. Any idea if that's in sync with the timeline?
-Hmm, Bronx was even growling when Coldstone "shifted" personalities, so I guess he fell for it too ('course it's mostly tone . . . he DID fall for Demona's smooth talk in City of Stone)
-Xanatos wearing a trenchcoat billowing in the wind . . . one of his cooler poses.

I am curious about one thing -- Are Thailog and Shari still at Nightstone Unlimited, or in a new setting altogether?

Finally, I actually think it's pretty in-character in how Othello tricked the World Travelers. other have previously said it was overly violent, but then again, Othello's back-story hints that he can lose his temper pretty easily, with just the right amount of pushing. Sure, this time he was acting as Iago (who is definitely violent) this time around, but I think it fits with his character.

Anyways, thanks again for another great story - some questions were answered, with a few new ones creeping up! Can't wait for 'The Rock' and the first Bad Guys!!

Greg responds...

I'm TRYING to get the moons in sync with reality. Trying.

Thailog & Shari are at Nightstone.

Response recorded on October 31, 2007