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Matt writes...


1. At the end of "Walkabout", Matrix combines with Dingo and his armor. In "Strangers" we continue to see the Matrix armor on Dingo however when Matrix morphs back into his own humanoid form, Dingo is no longer wearing his "Pack" armor. Did Matrix "assimilate" Dingo's Pack-armor when he combined with it in "Walkabout" or did Dingo just stop using it when he and Matrix teamed up?

2. If the armor was assimliated by Matrix, can Matrix recreate the armor for Dingo without needing to be a part of it himself?

3. If the armor was not assimilated by Matrix, what did Dingo do with the armor, does he still have it?

Greg responds...

1. The former.

2. Uh... technically, he can rebuild it, but I'm not sure he'd understand the need to SEPARATE it from himself.

3. See above.

Response recorded on December 19, 2007