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Georry writes...

Georry writes...

I am looking forward to seeing the new Spider-Man series you are working on.

I read somewhere that the series first season order has been extended from 13 to 26 episodes, is this true?
Greg responds...


Thanks for your response! Thats great news!

Without going into details, how does that affect your plans for the first season?

Will you stretch out the already planned arc to span 26 episodes rather than 13?

Or will you do the first 13 episodes exactly the way you planned, and continue from there?

Also, will the writers strike have any affect on the series?

Thanks again!

Greg responds...

The first thirteen scripts were finished before we got the pick-up for the back thirteen.

And, no, the WGA doesn't cover most television animation. I'm in TAG (the Animation Guild) not WGA (the Writers Guild of America). So Spidey is not directly effected by the strike.

Response recorded on January 02, 2008