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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Bad Guys Reactions
I hope it is acceptable to post two reviews in a row. I'm a little behind reviewing and I with the comics coming once a month now, there is a lot to review!
So Bad Guys is one of the Spin-offs I'm least interested in, but I still enjoyed this issue and look farward to more, especially the stories about Yama and Fang being recruited. I especially hope we get to see more of the Ishimura clan in the second issue!

The best line has to be "There'll be no more ~inserting~!" I laughed so hard at that! XD Apparently Matrix has absorbed Dingo's old armor because it isn't there anymore. And I'm sure that his original power armor didn't involve any "inserting," since he was trying to avoid that sort of thing in Upgrade. Heh, poor Dingo. And then Matrix refuses to attach to him anymore! Dingo does soften his objection when it comes to fighting without his armor on. But I think that that link, and the ability to feel pain (and emotions?) will be quite important for any character development of Matrix.

I wonder where that guy got a hold of thylacines. And I hope there are more wherever they came from! Thylacines are one of the more interesting and unique (and tragic) rare/possibly extinct animals. I like the idea of them being alive in the Gargoyles Universe, and they were drawn very well. They looked fairly accurate to me, except for having legs a bit too long. They can jump like... and they've got teeth like...! I'm glad that Dingo had the sense not to hurt them. But what did Matrix put around their necks and muzzles? He left them tied up when Dingo flew away, so are they attached to the tree by abandoned nanobots? o.0 That'll puzzle the police, for sure. :) Hopefully the police will put those two thylacines in some place where they can be protected and taken care of and maybe, the species can be revived. It was a nice touch to name one of them Benjamin.

I agree with others that the Tazmanian Tiger is a corny villain. The Pack were cheezy too, but children's television superheroes often are. This Taz guy, I wonder what his issue is. Ordinary persons don't commit crimes with the help of rare/extinct, even if they are fearsome. That is especially a bizarre costume to be comitting crimes in. He's the sort of person who would be featured in a magazine like Time, as a curiosity of "look at this weirdo!" (Time actually does do that.) However, he is no weakling, and clearly he has unusual resources.

Dingo is obviously enjoying being a superhero, because he's using lots of cliches. Or rather the comic is. It's a bloody missile!

Matrix looks funny (in a good way) listening to a boombox. Which turns out to be part of him. Apparently he can pick up radio waves? I wonder if he has any appreciation of music. Does he listen to the patterns in it?

Yama has a katana. Heh.

No funny jokes from Fang, but he is drawn very well. I look farward to the humor from this guy in future issues. He's such a fun character.

Strange that Matrix can be disabled by an em pulse. And when it's wrapped around Dingo, he's effectively disabled as well. That's quite a weakness! But the Matrix needed a weakness to balance its abilities, and this is an appropriate one. I didn't understand it until the others in the Comment Room explained that it is a common weakness of technology, to be disabled by em pulses.

If we didn't already know the basic plot of Bad Guys, I'd be very concerned by that talk of tengu hunting! Especially coming from Robyn. I've yet to see any indication that she's changed her genocidal attitude toward gargoyles, so it'll take a lot of character development before I like the character (as a person). But I am liking Dingo and the unnamed shaman. (And it's great to see the word tengu used in the canon.) Matrix doesn't really have a lot of personality yet, but as much as it does have, I like.

The art in this issue was excellent, I love Karine's work. Of course I'd love it more if it was color, but it is still great as it is.

Greg responds...

Hey, we aim to please. Glad you liked it!

Response recorded on January 22, 2008