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Aldrius writes...

Here's my ramble on the first two episodes of Spider-man. Sorry the ramble is kinda disjointed. I just wrote each thought as it occurred to me.

Okay, so by the intro we already have Keith David and Clancy Brown. I think that Keith David might be the Kingpin. Which I wouldn't mind at all. And the intros really cool. Looks like we're getting a black suited spider-man soon. Which I don't mind. Always liked the look of the black suit.

By the way, was that Hudson as one of the gargoyles at the beginning? Can't go 8 seconds without a gargoyles cameo, eh?

Just teasing.

Commercials suck.

Peter Parker's design is a little creepy...

I can't recognize May or Anna's voices.

I like Peter's characterization here. Thinks he's such a smooth operator. Is a huge nerd. That's our Peter Parker.

Wow. Three villains' alter-egos in the first episode. Norman Osbourn, Adrian Toomes, and Flint Marko. Not bad. Norman kinda reminds me of Xanatos a little bit. Which isn't a bad idea all things considered.

...Eek. Harry. That's kinda disappointing Maybe it'll change.

Phil LaMarr is the random jock friend of Flash. That's so great. "It's cool." I can tell I'm going to like you Mr. Jock Friend.

Oh man. I love Keith David. He plays every role he does so well. He's hilarious, heart-warming and cunning and all that. And we have Hammer Head here too. So I'm starting to wonder who he's playing. Still think it's the Kingpin.

Curt Connors now.

And oh... Lacey Chabert is Gwen Stacey, huh? That's not bad casting.

... and here's the Vulture.


Norman is still pretty great. Reminds me a lot of what Wilhem did with it. The super-proud manipulative father.

And so we continue the Spider-man TAS trend of Osbourn pissing people off and getting kidnapped. What was that joke in Batman: The Animated Series? "Another super-villain provided by a fund from the Wayne Foundation"? Something like that anyway.

Dear god. That vulture is persistent. And now we have some random guys in a helicopter too. And more Jeff Bennett, which is always great.


...is that really all he wants? An apology? I kinda drifted out there for a second...

And Osbourn won't give it to him? What the hell?

This show is actually pretty funny.

Aunt May is useless Amazing Spider-man Aunt May. Guh! Curses! Hopefully that'll change eventually.

Oh no. Random mechanic. I wonder if he'll turn out to be a bad guy.

That would be a twist...

Curt Connors is an irresponsible father-figure! Damn him!

Haha. Aunt May, worse than the Green Goblin, Electro and Venom combined. "You're to be home by ten young man!!"

Oh no, random mechanic just was in a strange accident.

I wonder if he has superpowers now...

Oh shoot. I recognize the doctor's voice, is that the same actor who played Talon in Gargoyles?

The hospital even provides super-suits for their super-villains now. That's service!

Aha. Liz Allen.

Ah, this kinda reminds me of that Justice League villain who couldn't touch anyone.

Ah, the Superman cut. I like the jazzy spider-man theme. That's a really nice touch.

I like Electro... his design is cool, and his voice is kinda neat.

Ah, so next up is the Rhino... that could be interesting...

I think one thing that makes Greg such a great writer is that he puts depth where there really is none. This is all typical super-hero fare, but it's given a lot of life and energy by the writing.

And is that... oh shoot... the fellow who played Matt Bluestone as the cop? Tom Wilson. That's it. That's type-casting for you. Heh. Tom is great.

"We're all nerds. Join us!" The future is at hand.

Everyone's eyes creep the heck out of me...

Liz Allen's 'petey' bit is interesting.

Haha. Spider-man is an irritating bastard.

Electro seems a lot more powerful than the Vulture was.

Again, this show is actually really funny. The light-heartedness (that's a word, I swear) really comes across well.

Aunt May, I kinda hope she gets in on 'the secret' so to speak. Sooner rather than later.

Liz Allen... is that... Maria Canals?

Maybe wrecking the lab wasn't such a hot idea, Electro.

That was actually a really good hour I think. I like this series and I think it has 'marvelous potential'.

The spider-man's head in the sky thing is an interesting way to end each episode. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm being snarky. I really love the show and what you're doing with the mythos. I snark because I like it.

All in all. Bravo.

Greg responds...

Rand isn't random, of course.

Not sure what your reacting to about Harry.

Liz Allan was voiced by Alanna Ubach.

I like to think Xanatos is/will be a much better father than Norman.

I'd hardly call Aunt May useless.

Dorian Harewood played Boreas and Talos on Gargoyles and plays Doc Bromwell in TSS-M. Rocky Carroll played Talon/Derek.

Response recorded on March 10, 2008