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Chuck Logan writes...

Greg I have enjoyed reading the new gargoyles comics immensely. I have bought each issue along with the paperback edition. To find out when each issue is going to hit the stands I go to the SLG publishing website. You are a terrific storyteller, and I would love to see your take on the red tornado. The SLG website has a link posting their publishing schedule for certain comics. Does the DC website do the same? Will you let us know on AskGreg.com when these issues are supposed to hit the stand at our local comic book store? I get the same feeling from reading the comic book as I did from watching the show so many years ago. I will continue to buy anything having to do with the gargoyles universe in the hope that season two volume 2 is released and furthering the growth of the franchise. If buying other projects you work on will also help the gargoyles I will be right there showing my support.

Greg responds...

Didn't I just answer this?

Response recorded on March 13, 2008