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Todd Jensen writes...

A few comments about the Lizard episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man".

I enjoyed it. Another good capture of Peter's life; he starts off still taking poor photos of himself as Spidey, he has to give up dodging water balloons when he realizes that everyone else is going to get suspicious - and worst of all, after finally getting a good snapshot of himself as Spidey, he convinced everyone else that he deserted them in a crisis and now they're all angry at him! Yep, that's definitely Peter Parker all right.

Some great humor as well; I especially liked Spidey's indignant response to Lizard being able to walk on walls ("If you start spinning webs too, I'll sue!") and his element of surprise ruined by his cell phone going off (and wouldn't you know that its tune would be "Itsy Bitsy Spider")?

I noticed that he doesn't throw the gene cleanser away, but merely web-stashes it under his bed. Why do I get the feeling that it's going to return later, in another episode?

Keep up the good work, both you and everyone else on the production team.

Greg responds...

Thanks, Todd. We'll try.

Response recorded on April 04, 2008