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Greg Bishansky writes...

Clan Building Volume 2 Forward Candidates.

- Michael Reaves seems like an obvious choice, and he's popular in the animation/sci-fi/fantasy circles.

- Cary Bates? His Superman run is still well regarded, I think. He seems like a logical idea, and you're both old friends.

- Crispin Freeman? He's extremely popular in anime circles.

- Frakes or Sirtis? Might help boost interest among the Trekkies.

- Tad Stones. He seems to be having hits with his Hellboy DVD movies, and being that he was at Disney for a long time, and suggested a "big heroic gargoyle", he seems like a good choice.

- Very Long shot, but according to my brother, Brian Michael Bendis liked "Gargoyles". He says at G2003, he was in an elevator with Bendis. If you remember, they had that big comic convention at Madison Square Garden that weekend, and a lot of the guests were staying in our hotel. I heard this from my brother though, but thought suggesting it would be harmless.

Greg responds...

All great suggestions.

Response recorded on April 10, 2008