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Todd Jensen writes...

Saw the fourth episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" this morning, and enjoyed it. In fact, I laughed several times during it, including at the J. Jonah Jameson scenes (yep, that's definitely him all right), and Peter/Spider-Man's difficulty getting rid of the garbage smell.

The Shocker was a great villain, and truly felt like a menace to Spider-Man. I also liked the touch about his remark about carrying out his responsibilities hitting home to Peter, fitting in with his abandoning Harry and his worries about Aunt May.

And we see an alliance formed between the mysterious unseen boss and Norman Osborn, something that could lead to some big episodes ahead.

Keep up the good work.

Greg responds...

We're trying, believe me. Even as I type this we're trying.

Response recorded on April 16, 2008