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Marjorie writes...

It's me! Again. Another Macbeth thought.

I just finished reading your ramble on the episode "Enter Macbeth." I find it very ironic that at that time, you were only aware of the Shakespearian Macbeth. I guess the same goes for me the first time I watched it, but it's interesting how even though his (the show's Macbeth) back story hadn't been completely known to you at the time, he doesn't come across as the paranoid-perhaps-a-little-crazy-kill-a-guy-in-his-sleep character I remember reading about in the play. Maybe it's his sense of honor, however skewed? I think that this is especially interesting, considering you were most familiar with Shakespeare's Macbeth, who DID kill Duncan in his sleep, that the show's Macbeth wouldn't stoop so low to attack the gargoyles while they were sleeping....Was this intentional? At the time, even though you were only familiar with Shakespeare's Macbeth, did you have any plans to make Macbeth more like his Shakespearian counterpart, or did you already know from the beginning that he would be different?

I hope you don't get sick of people thanking you for Gargoyles, because I'm thanking you right now. I love it, and I admire your talents as a storyteller and your dedication. You're so wonderful to the fans. Spider-Man is also great right now. I can't wait to see what happens in the future, in both series. Thanks!

Greg responds...

I knew we wanted to explore Macbeth's character more -- beyond that, I have to say it's been so long, I can't quite remember every aspect of my thought process (let alone anyone else's like Michael Reaves).

Response recorded on April 17, 2008