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Jess writes...

Hey Greg! "Market Forces" was another great episode! Poor Peter managed to make progress with Eddie only to blow off Harry. Speaking of Harry, all the money Oscorp stands to make in those shady dealings with the Big Man will come in real handy for the years of therapy the kid's going to need, thanks to Daddy Norm's nonexistent parenting skills.

I did like having an in-story explanation for the dearth of Super Villains we'll be seeing in the future, and am especially looking forward to the Green Goblin.

On the plus side, Peter is now employed, this time with actual money involved! That said, I liked Aunt May being initially reluctant to take his money, and that even though she relented, made him promise to save up for a new camera.

Somehow I have a feeling Peter well end up running into MJ just in time for the school dance, and when that happens he won't be complaining about her "wonderful personality".

A quick question about Peter's first choice of date: How old is Betty Brant? I guessed early twenties, but wasn't sure.

Greg responds...

I wouldn't say that Norman has NO parenting skills. I'd say he has aggressively NEGATIVE parenting skills. (But maybe I'm splitting heirs. Heirs. Get it?)

Betty is 20.

Response recorded on April 18, 2008