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Antiyonder writes...

My first attempt at reviewing The Spectacular Spider-Man (I ask that you don't have any banana creme pies in the room while reading).

Overall, the designs really don't bother me, given that I got use to ones from Teen Titans and Legion Of Super Heroes. Plus as has been said, the designs complement the movement well.

While I enjoy the classic Lee/Ditko run I have to say you've done well to evoke the feeling without it being like a formula. Not to mention that like Gargoyles it is a nice blending of serious storylines and lighthearted moments. Just a few questions and comment for the moment.

1. You mentioned drawing story elements from various continuums rather than just using the version of the character that was introduced in 1962. Are you also using elements from the other Spidey shows (The ones that you've seen of course, cause you mentioned not seeing the MTV series) and movies in your stories?

2. Just a confirmation. Spider-Man's line to the Lizard in Natural Selection "Can you say halitosis? (Lizard growls) I knew that you could." is a reference to Xanatos' line on Hunter's Moon Part 1 isn't it? I think so but several people think it's a common line.

3. Speaking of Gargoyles/Spider-Man, despite the differences between parenting methods brought up I kind of see this Norman to be a cross between Xanatos (reaction to being in danger) and Willaim Dafoe's (praising Peter, lecture/berating Harry) take on Osborn. Would you agree with this?

Keep up the great work.

Greg responds...

1. I'm not that familiar with the Spidey cartoons except for the 60s show, and it's been years since I've seen that. But I'm sure there will be similarities.

2. It's a Mister Rogers type reference. Then again, so was Xanatos' line.

3. That seems overly simplistic to me, but I don't disagree.

Response recorded on April 21, 2008