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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg,

I'm curious about the new character's designs.

Let me start by saying I love them, they look great. Constance is obviously tough as nails and it's great to see a full-figured gargoyle. The way she ripped the arms off the Steel Clan Robot was brilliantly drawn. Staghart is obviously a bit goofy, as Hedgecock's art shows in a few panels, from his self-created nickname that no one uses to the adorable expressions he makes. I think Coco and Amp were introduced in a way that already makes them so lovable, especially after their response to Lex's question about being mates. (Sidebar: I hope what we're all sensing between Amp and Lex is the real deal, I loved seeing their interactions and can't wait for more in #9)

So, on to the questions:

1) We know that Greg Guler was the character designer for the tv series, and you had said that David Hedgecock did the original designs for the new characters so far in the comic. Does David do the designs alone, or does Greg Guler have any input?

2) In the future, if a guest artist is doing the artwork for an issue with new characters, will they do the character designs, or is this something that David Hedgecock does now, since he's the regular penciller?

3) The cover for #8 is beautiful, and in my opinion one of the best so far, in terms of being dynamic and exciting, but is there any specific reason that Greg Guler didn't do the cover for #8 and won't be doing the cover for #10?

4) Last one: Will the covers on the main title always only feature the main characters (Goliath, Elisa, Hudson, etc.), or will there eventually be covers that picture new characters or guest characters as well?

Gargoyles #8 was incredible, as they all have been, and I know its only going to get better.
Keep up the great work! Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

1. David has designed all the characters first appearing in issues that he drew, such as Shari (in #3) and Staghart and Coco (in #7), as well as all the various flashback characters in Shari's Stone of Destiny tales, including Merlin and Pelles. David gets input from me and benefits from whatever research has been done by myself, Greg Bishansky and especially Kathy Pogge. Greg Guler's been too busy to participate much in new character design. Though Greg did design Angela's new outfit.

2. We're just not working that far ahead that we have the luxury to have someone design a character that isn't in the book he or she is drawing. So Karine designed Tasmanian Tiger, for example, and a number of new characters appearing in issues #2 & #4 of Bad Guys. Greg Guler is guest-pencilling Gargoyles #10 and is designing a few new characters in that. David's creating more new characters in Gargoyles #9. I'm trying to remember if there are any new characters in Bad Guys #3, but if so, then Chris Jones designed them.

3. Hours in the day: there are only so many, you know?

4. There are no hard and fast rules beyond the obvious: we want a dynamic image that'll help sell the comic.

Response recorded on April 29, 2008