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Todd Jensen writes...

A few comments on the new Spectacular Spider-Man episode.

I enjoyed this one as well. Parts that especially stood out to me:

Norman Osborn's response to Marko's initial being turned into sand: "We sweep up and try again."
The remark that Marko doesn't need to defeat Spider-Man; he only needs to keep him distracted (very reminiscent of the antagonist strategies in "Gargoyles").
Marko's "Doh!" moment upon realizing that he forgot to take the bank money he just stole with him.
Marko trying to conceal his ignorance about the Big Man.

Dr. Octopus seems Caspar Milquetoastish at the moment; more so than I'd expected (though I don't know that much about him). I look forward to seeing if that changes.

Thanks for another enjoyable episode, Greg.

Greg responds...

It changes.

Response recorded on April 29, 2008