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Antiyonder writes...

There's a question I've have on my mind concerning Xanatos for awhile. The question is if he was expecting Goliath and Clan to confront Oberon in order to save Alex or was their presence a surprise to him as it was to Petros (Of course David would take it in stride)?

I ask only because he showed more gratitude towards them for saving Alex than he did when they helped with Fox. Not that he came across as an ingrate mind you ( imean, he did give up the Eye Of Odin to Goliath).

What I meant by the more gratitude part is how he comments on "trying to repay his debt of gratitude" in a serious tone. Plus the fact that he does them two favors as part of that gratitude. Because, I would think that resolving Coldstone's personality problem would settle that debt. But then I suppose since Alex and Owen took care of that, then he felt he still owed them.

Greg responds...

It was a suprise.

Response recorded on April 30, 2008