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Jesse Betteridge writes...

Hey Greg,

I'm a huge fan of Spectacular Spider-Man so far, and I have to admit am a bit concerned about the show's future after the demise of Kids WB. I know there are a lot of options for where the series may move to and a lot of factors determining what decision is made. However, given that there has been some confusion about the HD broadcast status of the show through KidsWB, I thought it might be appropriate to ask if that may be a determining factor of where the show goes? As far as I know, Cartoon Network is the only option that will offer a feed that will guarantee an HD broadcast for the series, so that may be the ideal option.

Also in regards to the series' longevity: I know you want to keep Spidey in high school for 65 episodes (ie: what will likely be the show's full run), but is there any chance that we may see some sort of college-based continuation of the series, should it continue to remain successful?

Greg responds...

I would hope so. My plan -- just mine, not a business plan -- or rather hope is that we do 65 episodes that take Pete through his high school graduation. And that after that we continue to do DVDs telling stories of his college years.

Response recorded on May 03, 2008