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Todd Jensen writes...

My thoughts on "Bad Guys" #3, which I bought yesterday.

First, I immediately recognized the Canmore trio's pursuit of Demona to the Parisian catacombs from the Hunter's Moon radio play at the 2001 Gathering. First Coco and Amp, now this - you definitely know how to hang on to the ideas that you weren't able to immediately use and bring them in eventually!

The catacombs flashback was well-handled - especially the way you compared and contrasted the Canmores' actions and interactions with each other in 1980 and the present. Also, Demona was truly nightmarish in those scenes.

Dingo turns the tables on Hunter when he reveals that he's discovered what *she's* wanted for in New York! (And I liked the glimpse of the clock tower being repaired.)

So Sevarius was behind those thylacines back in #1? Not that I'm surprised; I suspected that Anton would have something to do with them. After everything else that he's already done, bringing extinct animals back from the zoological graveyard, "Jurassic Park" style, would be just his kind of thing.

I also enjoyed the meetings between Robyn/Hunter and her brothers: Jason rebuilding his life, Castaway heading into the darkness. I'd especially looked forward to seeing more of Castaway, after his appearance in #3. His television commercial was well-done; he makes himself seem like a friendly, reasonable, reassuring man who just wants to help frightened people. He might be a madman, but he's a shrewd madman.

You mentioned once that the Director in "Bad Guys" was in opposition to the Illuminati; while that's still canon-in-training at the moment, there were a couple of moments in the comic that tied in with that. Hunter and Castaway both wonder about the other person's backer in exactly the same way ("I know it's not Canmore money"), and the name of the Hotel Casablanca echoes that of the Hotel Cabal.

The Celebrity Hockey scene was great! Lots of in-jokes there; among the best were "Puck's recovered by Spiner, Bennett checks him", and "Cumming is blindsided by Cleverdon!" You must have had a ball writing it.

Yama's description of Dingo being "bored" was another great moment.

And we end on a real cliffhanger (all the better because it ties in with the demons - both external and internal - in Hunter's past). Now I'm looking forward to #4 (and #9 of "Gargoyles", too).

Greg responds...

Never waste anything. That's my motto.

Response recorded on July 10, 2008