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Mathew writes...

Hi everyone, just wanted to start off by saying I love the 2 current gargoyle arcs out right now and hunt for them religiously at the comic store i go to so please dont stop! Also ive noticed pretty much every comic (from Marvel and DC to Image and Star Wars comics) has come out with an "official handbook" of one sort or another to give readers a look at all the characters bios and stats. Thus i was wondering if you might have anything in the works like this or might ever consider doing a handbook as i would love to know more about not just the main characters but also the lessere knowns such as the gargoyle clans on avalon, japan, and south america, and other characters that might of only been given an episode or less in goliaths avalon travels. Well thanks again for the show and the comics and for issues yet to come!

Greg responds...

I've had a Gargoyles Encyclopedia for some time with no real way to publish it. But frankly, your best bet now is to check out the GargWiki at http://gargoyles.dracandros.com/ .

Response recorded on July 15, 2008