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Litwolf writes...

I just did a few quick calculations. Now, correct me if Im wrong, I believe you have said that Brooklyn and his rookery hatched 958 and Goliath and his rookery hatched twenty years earlier, in 938. Then, in the 1997, Brooklyn begins his TimeDancing adventures (Im so excited to read the se upcoming comics!) and he travels and ages for fourty years to then return to 1997 five minutes from when he left. This would now make Brooklyn fourty years, two gargoyle generations, older than his leader Goliath.

Along with these calculations, I believe you have said that leaders generally pick their seconds from younger rookeries. This would make sense because they would want to be able to let their seconds rule if the leaders ever reach an old age when they cant lead (such as Hudson choosing the much younger Goliath). However, upon his return, second-in-command Brooklyn is now older than the leader of the Manhattan Clan, Goliath.

Because of this new age difference after the TimeDancing adventures, will Goliath pick a new second? Angela, Lex, and Broadway are all younger and Angela even has experience of being a second-in-command on Avalon. I dont want Brooklyn to lose his position as second but it does seem a likly step for Goliath to take. What do you think?

Greg responds...

1. Turned out to be closer to forty seconds as opposed to five minutes.

2. Brooklyn was about forty (twenty biologically) when he hit the timestream. He travels for forty years, aging twenty years.

3. Since Goliath is about sixty (thirty biologically) and Brooklyn - post timedancing - is about 80 (forty biologically),Brooklyn is now ONE generation "older" than Goliath.

4. As for your question, it's a definite issue -- but not in CLAN-BUILDING.

Response recorded on September 16, 2008