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dee thompson writes...

I apologise ahead of time, this is not an "artful" or creative question, but assuming I have hit an educated site, I am in need of information. I am in possession of 3 cels and numerous Gargoyle merchandise, and have an immediate need to sell them. I am humiliated, but we are down to 3 dollars and need to find a venue fast. I have no idea what they are worth, but would at least like a direction where they will be appreciated. We lost all ina fire and the insurance reneged. These items were stored specially with other like items so we are lucky to have them, but they are not saleable locally. Any suggestions would be helpful...thank you...and your site is great..my grown son is an artist and has long been a fan..

Greg responds...

I'm sorry for your troubles, and I'm sorry I can't be of much help - particularly two months after you posted. I don't know anything about how to sell stuff. E-bay, maybe? Or you could ask in the Station 8 Comment Room.

Response recorded on September 18, 2008