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? writes...

Mr. Wiseman (or may I call you Greg?), I have to say I enjoyed Season 1 of Spectacular Spider-Man, I especialy liked how Venom was saved as the season's final villian (great finale, by the way).Seeing as how Venom is my favorite Spider-Man villian (I also like the Goblins, Doc Ock and Lizard) I have a few questions conserning his future.
1. Is Venom the only Symbiote villian you plan to use? I ask because I never cared for "Scorpion Venom" (Mac Gargan was better off as Scorpion if you ask me), Carnage or those other ones; I liked it better when Venom was the only Symbiote villian (not to mention when Eddie Brock was his human half).
2. Assuming you get your wish of making 65 episodes, do you intend to give Venom a fair amount of apperances (not too much, not too little)? The 90s series only gave the character 4 episodes as Venom (Eddie Brock and the Symbiote fused together); I can understand if he isn't used alot if you only get 3 Seasons or so. I know he'll return in Season 2 though I'm not sure if he'll get 1 or 2 episodes. If you're not sure yet that's OK, I completly understand.
3. What are your own opinions about Venom? Just for curiosity reasons I guess (wondering if your influence gave him his (pardon the pun) spectacular performance in Season 1's finale.
Thanks in advance for your answers! I may ask about the other villans one of these days.

Greg responds...

Greg's definitely better than "Wiseman" since my last name is "Weisman".

1. No comment.

2. He returns in Season 2. Otherwise, no comment.

3. I think I'll let the episodes stand on their own.

Response recorded on September 19, 2008