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mike p. writes...

Hey greg,
first off, i love everything about spectacular spider-man. I think it's like 10x better than the 90's cartoon and a good deal of shows (animated and not) on right now. My question is that from a good amout of the interviews that you've done it seems like you're planning on doing the series for a while (approx. 60-some episodes) and then after doing dvd movies about when Peter's in college. Do you ever worry that the amount of new characters you're going to be able to use will shrink over time leaving only more obscure villains to introduce in later seasons? Or do you already have the story arcs and everything planned out? Also, would a character like Morlun(and the Other storyline) be too bizarre for what you have planned even in the dvd movies?

Thanks for being too legit to quit.

Greg responds...

Well, let's start by saying how many episodes I do isn't up to me. But as long as they want me, I'll keep doing this show, these characters, in whatever format they'll allow.

I'm not really worried about running out of characters to introduce. With each passing season, I'm sure we'll introduce fewer new villains, but we'll -- by that time -- plenty of already introduced villains to play with.

Nothing is "planned" beyond Season Two. But I have lots of notions for Seasons Three-Five and beyond.

Response recorded on September 22, 2008