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richard writes...

mr. weisman
why is the new spiderman series's season two getting released next year?
i mean are you insane???

Greg responds...

I don't think I'm insane. And I agree. (But I haven't decided.)

Anyway, as opposed to what? Releasing it in two years? Not releasing it at all? What seems insane about releasing it next year? Am I insane, or are you just impatient?

The fact is that legal contracts prevent us from releasing it before March of 2009, and in any case, we won't be done posting the show until January (i.e. until next year) of 2009 anyway. To get the second season any sooner than that, Sony would have had to pick it up sooner.

I think the key point to remember is that NONE of this is up to me. So let's keep questions about my mental state to a minimum when discussing issues I have no control over. (I second that!)

Response recorded on September 24, 2008