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Todd Jensen writes...

You mentioned reading "Bone" at Comic-Con. What did you think of it? (I read it a few years ago - I have the one-volume edition as well as the first two individual volumes, which I bought before the one-volume edition came out - and enjoyed it.)

Greg responds...

I love it. I think it gets a bit messy toward the end. Thorn's "powers" seem to come and go at will, as does her ability to be sick, be healed, etc. Episodically, it may not have registered, but read in one sitting...

And although I wasn't at all disappointed with the ENDING, ending, I really felt like Bone's crush went unresolved. And I would have liked to see a scene where it was DEALT with.

But these are quibbles. Overall, I thought it was great.

Response recorded on September 24, 2008