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Arthur Jr. writes...

Hey Greg, recent Comics Continuum mentioned the appearance of Master Planner in Season Two of "The Spectacular Spider-Man." Master Planner is an alias of Doctor Octopus in the comics. Could this be a coincidence or is there going to be a different Master Planner?

I know Xander Berkeley voiced Quentin Beck in Season One and I think he might reprise him as Mysterio. There was already comments that Thom Adcox will voice Phineas Mason when he takes on the Tinkerer (Phineas had no dialogue in "Persona"). As for Kraven the Hunter, Molten Man, Calypso, Richard Kingsley, and Silver Sable, do you have any knowledge on who will be voicing them. I was just wondering as I am a top contributor at VoiceChasers.com where I added your voice role in an episode of "Gargoyles."

If the show becomes successful after Season Two and a proposed Season Three, will there be any plans for appearances of villains like Beetle, Ben Reilly, Big Wheel, Boomerang, Carlyle (if featured, I recommend Neil Ross for the reprisal from the Spider-Man 3 video game), Carnage, Cyclone, Gibbon, Grizzly, Jackal, any of the two Kangaroos, the Lobo Brothers, Prowler (Hobie Brown already made an appearance), Puma, Ringer, Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, Rocket Racer, Scorpia, Spot, Stegron, Swarm, Walrus, and White Rabbit. Any one of them ought to appear in this series.

I still think a proposed season where it reaches the point of Spider-Man meeting other superheroes would still be good.

Greg responds...

By paragraph...

1. I'm not telling.

2. Xander indeed is the voice of Mysterio. Thom Adcox is the voice of the Tinkerer. And, yes, I know the voices of everyone you named, but the only one that's been publicly revealed so far is Eric Vesbit as Kraven the Hunter.

3. No comment.

4. Maybe, but I wouldn't want it to start to become a stunt.

Response recorded on September 25, 2008