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Stuart writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman,
I had a few questions about the future of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" animated series, if you don't mind:
1.) I didn't see this in the archives, but if you answered it and I missed it, sorry. Anyway, I know you've said you're not able to use Kingpin because of the "Daredevil" license and legal issues. However, does this mean you can use the Rose or not? Even if it's not Kingpin's son Richard Fisk as Rose, can you use the ex-Daily Bugle employee Jacob Conover version of the Rose?
2.) For the first season, certain episodes were broken into storyarcs and put together on DVDs, like how the first three episodes of season one will be on one DVD and the next three episodes will be on another. Is there any chance we'll see storyarcs like this that share a same theme, like, for example, how one storyarc could be about men who turn into monsters (like how Michael Morbius becomes Morbius the Living Vampire, John Jameson transforms into Man-Wolf, and Dr. Curt Connors reverts back to the Lizard)?
3.) Doctor Octopus is my favorite villain and there are so many good stories with him in in them that would make for great episodes. I mentioned before I'd love to see the Doc Ock/Aunt May story as a storyline one day on either "Spectacular" or another Spider-Man animated series if there's no room for the story on "Spectacular", but which Doc Ock story is your favorite?

Thanks for reading. I can't wait to see what's in store for season two!

Greg responds...

1. I don't know.

2. They do share themes, but I'm not commenting on your specific example.

3. You'll see in Season Two.

Response recorded on September 29, 2008