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Matt writes...

I asked some questions about Rory/Cuchullain and Banshee/Molly a while back and when your responses were discussed in the Comment Room, Ed pointed out that the Rory-Banshee spinoff was the only one of the spin-offs (that we know of) that you never gave a name to. So, do you have a name for that spinoff at this point?

Also, would there be any gargoyle or beast characters in this spinoff? Besides Rory and Banshee (and I suppose Mr. Dugan) do you know any other members of the main cast?

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

I have answers to a lot (though not all) of these questions, but I think at this time, I'll refrain from answering. As a working title, i.e. something to refer to it by, let's call the spin-off "Heroes of Ulster".

Response recorded on September 30, 2008