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Rupert writes...

Dear Greg,

I am a major fan of your work (espescially The Spectacular Spider-man). Unfortunately I have never been able to watch Gargoyles, but I have been trying to get the first season. I loved The Rubberface of Comedy and Meltdown in the Batman. That is my favourite version of clayface. I think you did those episodes.
Anyway, questions on the spectacular spider-man, great show.

Firstly I LOVE Dr.Octopus! He is my favourite spider-man foe in comics, movies and your show. However I love all the villains, from the cowboy shocker to the nightmare on elm street vulture. My first question is that in season two I know that the master Planner will appear early in the second season but wil his other persona be Dock Ock. I'm not to sure because of that surprising, yet brilliant Tombstone/Big Man change from the Foswell/Big man.

My second question is that because the Master Planner is appearing, will the famous story in Amazing Spider-man 33# appear?

My final question. I discovered that you will not be on CN any more. What network will you be on then?

I can't wait for season two.

Thank you very much!

Greg responds...

1. I'm not using this site for spoilers.

2. Ditto.

3. We were never on CN. We were on the CW. I'm not allowed to say which network we'll be on in March.

Response recorded on September 30, 2008