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Greg Bishansky writes...

"Identity Crisis"


Last week on "The Spectacular Spider-Man". The nefarious Venom revealed Spidey's secret identity to J. Jonah Jameson... CLIFFHANGER! How will Spidey get out of this one?

Will Jameson not believe a big, drooling monster?

Will Spider-Man sell his future marriage to Mary Jane and unborn child to Mephisto after Aunt May gets shot by the Big Man's operatives?

Let's find out...

Again, I have to ask... why didn't Venom ever try this in the comic books? Yes, yes, I know, he wanted to have Spidey all to himself, but that explanation never flew for me. It works for the Green Goblin, because Norman enjoyed the game more than anything. There is a reason he revealed his own identity to Peter Parker after he unmasked Spider-Man. In Norman Osborn's sick mind, it was all a twisted game, and Peter was probably the only real honest relationship he had with another human being (scary as that sounds). But Eddie Brock always blamed Spider-Man for destroying his life, and wanted to return the favor, and yet... he never even came close to pulling the trigger.

And that's why I like this Venom. I like this Venom a lot. He knows Spider-Man's secret identity, and he exploits it. And he almost did it. He almost pulled it off. That trick with the gene cleanser was good. Reveal Spidey's identity, take away his powers, and leave him at the mercy of the entire world. I'm sure the Big Man would have had Aunt May shot within the hour. Not to mention Doc Ock, Vulture, Rhino and Kraven are still at large.

But more than Venom, I think Flash Thompson really shines in this episode. He saved Peter's ass. Twice. He really is Spidey's biggest fan, and I think the ending proved that fact is not sad.

I did like all the reactions to Ned Lee's interview. Norman Osborn said "No" (Alan Rachins gets hauled in for a one syllable word), but I am not entirely convinced he meant it. The Connors just laughed, but gave it serious thought. None of Peter's classmates believe it... although I suspect Mary Jane knows. Gwen laughed (then almost kissed him... curses). I don't think Jameson believed it, but he'd be a fool not to follow up on it. I don't think Ned Lee believed it either, but he was doing his job like a good reporter. But, if George Stacy doesn't know, then I am brain dead.

Aunt May's reaction had me in stitches.

Good to see the gene cleanser come back. And out of Venom's gut mouth also... I love that thing.

"Brock's lost it, Venom is like, twice his size!"

Eddie begging Peter to help him get the symbiote back at the end is just... sick.

I assume Brock is on his way to Ravencroft. Roommates with Electro, John Jameson, and Cletus Kassady (God, I hope that doesn't go where I fear it will).

Miles Warren is officially the slimiest character in the series. I would not be surprised if he was planning to oust the Connors as soon as he got the job. I hope we eventually see that jackal get what's coming to him.

And finally Flash Thompson as Bottom... the role he was born for. He was just the last one to find out. I did like the cartoonish ass head.

Good episode... once again, the team knocks it out of the park.


Greg responds...

Thanks. We try.

Response recorded on April 21, 2009