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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg,
I want to ask some questions about The Spectacular Spider-Man
1)I saw episode First Steps.I don't get why Sandman is working for Hammerhead,i thought that he was working for Master Planner?I know Hammerhead mention about Sandman's Super-Villain Services,but i still don't get it.
2)Do you have any future plans for Dock Ock,Venom,Green Goblin or Tombstone?
3)Will Doc Connors become Lizard again?And will Milles Warren will become Jackal?
4)Do you have intentions to do Clone Saga In Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 Or Season 4 and do you have ideas who would be Clone Saga Mastermind?
5)I heard you don't like Carnage.Does that mean that we won't see him in Spectacular Spider-Man?

Greg responds...


1. Sandman's chasing his big score. Master Planner loaned him out to Hammerhead.

2. Isn't that kind of a silly question?

3. No comment.

4. No comment.

5. I have NEVER said I don't like Carnage. Where do these rumors start?

Response recorded on April 22, 2009