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Greg Bishansky writes...

No, I still haven't seen "Watchmen". (Edit, I have seen "Watchmen" and it was good) Gotta wait a little bit before I get the opportunity. So, you'll have to put up with another review of "The Spectacular Spider-Man".


"Accomplices" brings back the organized crime element of the series in a major way. Hammerhead representing the Big Man. Sable Manfredi representing her father, Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi. Dr. Octopus obviously leading the supervillains as the Master Planner. And, Roderick Kingsley.

We open up with Black Cat breaking into OsCorp to steal a data chip, before being chased out by the entire New York underworld. I'll admit, I was hoping for more Black Cat, but plenty of time for her later.

This episode was a fun one. Everyone beats up everyone. Lots of power games and struggles. We also got to know Foswell a little better, and I figured that Patch was Foswell going undercover to get scoops on the underworld.

That being said, last season, Foswell dismissed the idea that L. Thompson Lincoln was the Big Man. I kind of find that a little difficult to believe since that seems to be the worst kept secret in the underworld. Marco and O'Hirn knew he was the Big Man. Those three goons who Goblin outfitted with pumpkin masks knew he was the Big Man. Black Cat referred to the Big Man as Tombstone. Norman Osborn knew he was the Big Man. Harry (if he was the Goblin) knows. How could Foswell, who is undercover as Patch not know?

I still don't think Foswell is the Big Man on this show, and believe me, I am more than cool with that, I love Tombstone in the role. But, the more I think about it, the more I think something must be going on there. Foswell might me on the Big Man's payroll or something. Or not.

I did enjoy finally meeting Roderick Kingsley... who kind of reminds me of Michael Clark Duncan's Kingpin, but with white hair. A lot of money, but he doesn't seem to be the power player the others seem to be. I mean, as Pete said, he owns a perfume company, why is he involved? If he wants to be a real player in the underworld... he's going to need something a little extra. And now, my not so inner comic book nerd who knows where this is likely to lead is shutting up now. ;)

I just want to say that I don't think the Kingsley that cowered before Silver Sable was Roderick. I think that was his twin brother, Daniel, covering for Roddy like in the comics.

Silver Sable was great. I'm sure some people will be annoyed that she was changed into Silvermane's daughter, but I'm not. Actually, it fits in nicely with the whole 'silver' theme that's going there. It just feels a lot more organic and natural. She kicked ass, took names, and, let's face it, Spidey needs more female villains.

I agree with Spidey. Sable and Hammerhead used to date? Ew. I actually said ew a few seconds before Spidey did.

And there's Rhino. I liked him here. He doesn't want any competition. And I loved his brief team-up with Spidey.

Doc Ock mostly seemed to sit this one out. Obviously, he doesn't care if the data gets destroyed or not, he created the process of transforming O'Hirn into the Rhino in the first place. What's to stop him from doing it again? Was also cool to see Vulture still hanging out with him. Oh, and Ock, you devil you. Two dates? He's always been such a player in the comics. Whether it's Stunner, Lady Octopus, or Aunt May... chicks love the good doctor. It's the tentacles.

And Norman Osborn came out the victor here. Gets to keep his tech and do whatever he wants with it, and millions and millions of dollars in a secret account for him. Gee... I wonder what he's going to do here.

Well, looks the groundwork is being laid for an excellent gang war story arc. Harry is jealous that Pete is getting a lot of attention from his dad. Pete still digs Gwen more than Liz. And George is getting really blatant about his knowledge of Spidey's identity.

But, perhaps the biggest mystery of them all? When will Hobie Brown speak???

Tune in next week, same spider time. Same spider channel.


Greg responds...


Thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on April 28, 2009