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Tom Daylight writes...

Hi Greg,

Congratulations on putting together the best screen adaptation of Spider-Man of all time. I was particularly impressed with your Green Goblin whodunnit. I wonder if you're going to take a similar approach to the Hobgoblin story?

As far as I can see, there are not only a ton of "red herring" candidates in the source material (in fact Roger Stern said it could have been absolutely anyone other than Peter Parker and Robbie - and indeed he invited his replacement Tom DeFalco to unmask Hobgoblin as anyone he liked, although ironically he'd left the book by the time that happened), there's at least four alternative candidates you could genuinely cast in the role (names and descriptions omitted for the sake of spoiler aversion; I hope you know which I'm referring to). The character who was unmasked and officially was the first Hobgoblin for nine years, the character who was revealed to actually be the original Hobgoblin after all that time (mainly due to some writer switches), the character who took on the Hobgoblin's mantle after believing he'd murdered the first one, and the character who became Hobgoblin in Ultimate Spider-Man.

So the way I see it, the casting of this character won't be as clear-cut as "the guy it technically was in the comics all along", because in reality it was a whole bunch of different characters depending on when you were reading it. And casting Montana as Shocker, Tombstone as the Big Man, etc, suggests to me that you're not afraid of playing against the diehards' expectations. So, presuming there is a season three... will this kind of thing play into your Hobgoblin story, or will you be introducing him more as a viewer-in-on-everything supervillain?

Hey, maybe you could even satisfy that Robbie fan by making him a suspect this time. :)

Greg responds...

No comment.

Response recorded on May 18, 2009