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Michael Byrne writes...

Hey, Greg! Just wanted to say that I loved every new episode of Season 2, all the way up to Goblin and Spidey's climactic battle! But...there is something I want to understand about [[spoiler]] Norman. Why did he go to such measures to take over the Big Man's empire after his identity was guessed by Spidey? I mean, Normie has it all: a great tech company, a loyal son, and a home people only dream of renting. Was he trying to protect all that from others by taking command, or was he simply an ungrateful tyrant obsessed with power and money? I mean, I know he cares about his son in little amounts...but I just can't fathom the reasons for why he did what he did.

Either way, it's been a great two seasons so far, and I encourage you to keep the dream of a season 3 alive. This series, simply put, is lightning in a bottle.

Greg responds...


Well, my gut reaction is to say if it isn't clear what kind of guy he is from the episodes themselves (let alone 40+ years of continuity) then nothing I say here is going to matter much. But basically, he wanted MORE.

Response recorded on May 19, 2009