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AJC writes...

Hi Greg!

Big fan of the The Spectacular Spider-man show! I love the animation and the designs (I was weary of the designs at first but I afterwards became accustomed to them. Now I LOVE Cheek's designs!). Your show has actually led me to read some key issues from amazing spider-man and maybe during the summer when I have more free time, I'll begin reading from issue number one. So thank you for that! Even after reading just 2 or 3 random issues, I was absolutely impressed with the characters and plots that you have taken from the comics and shaped it into a modern vision for the show.
(Spoilers SPOILERS spoilers from Season 2)
1)Don't you think it would have been appropriate to show the reactions of the Connors and Gwen after Eddie was carted away for his insanity? Do they not care? :(
2) Wasn't it a little too coincidental for norman to assume his son would be passed out (Even if Norman knew Harry was drinking it) as soon as he got back from fighting spider-man? BTW, loved 'Final Curtain'... Very suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat (Even better than the season one finale)!
3)What was the point of flash and Sha Shan getting together? Other than developing Flash's character, it didn't seem to affect Spider-man/Peter's life?
4)Would you revisit the gang war? I was kinda hoping there would be huger scale of the gang war like accomplices and gangland (I really loved accomplices because of that).
5)When the full season sets come out, will they have the gun fire sounds or lasers? Extra scenes? Any plans for commentaries for the episodes?
6) If you do not get a season 3 (which would be complete blasphemy!!!!!), would you think about doing plans for Spider-man DTV's sooner?
As a fan, I hope that when you DO get a pickup for further seasons, I really hope you get more than 13 episodes per season. This show deserves it!

Greg responds...


1. Of course, they care. But AGAIN, I just don't have room in 19 and a half minutes to show every possible reaction from every relevant character. To put in a Connors and Gwen reaction SOMETHING ELSE would have had to get cut. I feel we showed the MOST important scenes.

2. He didn't assume that. He wasn't planning to frame Harry. But he found Harry passed out beside a vial of Globulin Green, so he took advantage of the opportunity.

3. Actually, it's already had an effect on Peter. Remember Flash slamming Pete against a locker to get his advice on how to win Sha Shan over? Pulling him under the table on Valentine's day to make sure he didn't say anything stupid? And that's just the start.

4. Nothing is over.

5. I don't know.

6. I'm not clear what you're asking. If we don't get a third season, we're not likely to get the opportunity to do Direct to DVDs instead.

Response recorded on May 21, 2009