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Matthew Woodley writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman, it's a pleasure to ask you some questions. I've been a big fan of Gargoyles since I was a kid and I'm a big fan of the Spectacular Spider-Man in which I believe you're doing a great job at.

Now as for my questions...
1)Is the Green Goblins hatred for Spider-Man the same or at least close to his comic counterpart?

2) How much of Ultimate Spider-Man have you read?

3)Are you more of a supporter for the Gwen an Peter relationship? Or do you believe that a Mary-Jane and Peter relationship can work in some ways?

4) Has Marvel asked you to write for some of their other shows?

5) Is there a chance that you could (Theoretically) fit Brand New Day villains into new seasons?

6)If it comes to it, would you do the One More Day storyline if you got the chance to?

Greg responds...


1. That's a value judgement. And it's a tough one to make because there have been so many different interpretations of GG in the comics by different creators. I think we're on a level with the way Stan Lee handled the character.

2. A goodly amount.

3. Things come in their proper time.

4. Nope. Though I'd love to.

5. If we get more episodes.

6. Probably not. There's not much point in REBOOTING a continuity that we've only just begun.

Response recorded on May 21, 2009