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anonymous writes...

Hello. I had some questions regarding a possible third season for "The Spectacular Spider-Man". I read what you said and I know that you can't reveal much about Season Three. But hopefully, these kind of questions won't really go into spoiler territory.

Still, there are SPIDEY SPOILERS in this post for those who haven't seen Season Two yet.


... Seriously.

#1.) Will Peter blame himself, be haunted by or feel guilty for Norman Osborn's "death" next season? He kind of was the one who damaged the Green Goblin's glider and sent him to his explosive demise at that water tower.

#2.) So the Connors are in Florida, huh? Does this mean it'll be harder to bring them back on the show, even though classic Stan Lee stories had Spidey fight the Lizard in Florida before?

#3.) I know you cannot comment on which villains you'll be using next season, new or otherwise. I know it's still questionable if there's a pick-up for a new season or not, but let's say that our prayers are answered and, praise Jeebus [thanks for that, Homer Simpson ;)], there's a new season! You said you cannot use the Owl and possibly not the Beetle either. Does this mean you can or cannot use characters like Boomerang, Jack O'Lantern and Swarm on your show at all, or is this "no comment" territory? I'm merely asking because the three villains I listed are essentially Spider-Man villains, but they were not first introduced in a Spider-Man comic and have fought other heroes as well.

#4.) I agree that Robbie and Mary Jane kind of got underused in season two, but I loved what you did with the Mary Jane/Mark Allan relationship. Is it likely we can see more of Robbie and M.J. next season, if possible? I don't know what you have planned or can reveal, but still...

On a side note, please do not introduce any of the "Clone Saga" or "One More Day"/"Brand New Day" stories on your show. I am still plagued by nightmares from reading those fiascos, and the whole clone mess they did on "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" didn't help me like the clone storys any better either.

Thanks so much for giving us two brilliant seasons of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and I hope you get many more. This show can't end at just two seesons, Mr. Weisman.


Greg responds...

1. Guilt is one of Pete's go-to emotions.

2. No comment.

3. If and when I get back to Sony, I'd have to find out whether I had access to those characters.

4. I like 'em both too, you know.

Response recorded on May 22, 2009