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David B. Jacobs writes...

Hey, Greg! I just wanted to say that I'm huge fan of your series, TSSM especially (being a huge fan of Spidey). Just a few questions about villains in Season 3. It's fine if you can't answer any.
1. Do you have plans for Tombstone and Hammerhead? They were kind of cut out of the Goblin Returns arc, after I was expecting huge roles.
2. Is Lizard set to return? Season 2 seemed to set up for this perfectly. Even if not in Season 3, will he ever return?
3. Do you think we'll see Green Goblin again in Season 3? Or will we have to wait a bit longer?
4. Is Molten Man coming back? Your idea of having GG control when he is or is not Molten Man seems to make it a bit harder to have him in there without Norman pulling the strings.
5. Will we be seeing Silvermane come back any time soon? I've got another question here, but it may be risky, so I'll ask separately.
6. Is Walter Hardy ever gonna come back into the spotlight?
7. One character in this show I have to love is Electro. You've simply pulled him off so well. It seems obvious that he'll at least appear, but I was wondering if he would have his own episode in Season 3?


Greg responds...

I'm not commenting on any of this. Sorry.

Response recorded on May 22, 2009