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ChickenChaser writes...

I know this has been asked alot and everytime you say you have answered it by i have searched through the archives again and again and cannot find your response apart from (im not calling you a liar maybe the question was kicked i dunno)

Confused Fan [Shocker Question] writes...
So, Montana was the Shocker.
Does this mean that Montana is Herman Schultz? :S
I think Montanas real name has never been told even in the comics?

Greg responds...
If it makes you happy...

So i have to know, why the combination of these characters, also as this is my sirst comment kudos on the show, i love it, and i discovered it by accident whilst watching the 90's series on youtube i saw a link and thought why not and was pleased to see what a great job you have done. I am very new to the comics and nearly all the stuff i know is from wiki (which i hope i can trust) anyway feel like i should ask some more questions:

2) Who is your fav villian, you probably have answered this but wasnt in first 100 question asked to you (i do have a life honest)

3) when (optimistic) season 3 comes out do you know the gap between release in US and uk (as i live in uk)

ok that will do for now, thanks again for an amazing show which appeals to all ages

Greg responds...

1. I'm just not getting into this again. I know it's in the archives. I'm not calling you a liar either, but look again.

2. I've answered this to. I don't have one. I like 'em all.

3. No idea.

Response recorded on May 26, 2009