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Dan writes...

Hi Greg.

Big fan of all your work and just wanted to ask some general questions, none of which involve the possible Season 3 of TSS. (We're all hoping the show gets picked up!)

1. I'm very much interested in a career in screen writing, comic writing, and/or video game story writing. What steps did you take or what steps do you recommend for those pursuing this career? I'm an English major with a writing minor and I wondered if college degree played a large role.

2. Can you elaborate on any of the possible restrictions you may face if you persue the death of the Stacy's storyline or the introduction of Carnage? I'm not asking "if" you will develop these storylines in later seasons, but more of what kind of restrictions were you presented with for TSS. We all know how strict FOX was for the mid-90s animated series.

Thanks Greg.

Greg responds...

1. It helped me -- a lot. Both in terms of the education I received making me a better writer and in terms of the resume thing helping me get my first jobs at both DC Comics (from Dick Giordano) and Disney (from Gary Krisel). So I'm big on education. Beyond that, I've gone into greater detail in the past, so check the ASK GREG archives. But my recommendation is to READ a lot. WRITE a lot. And PROOFREAD a lot.

2. I haven't had any significant restrictions to date. Standards & Practices is NOT the reason those stories you mentioned weren't part of the first two seasons.

Response recorded on May 26, 2009