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Greg Bishansky writes...

Another Spidey question.

Is Midtown High a private school in "Spectacular Spider-Man?" I'm a bit puzzled that Peter and Flash both live in Queens and attend High School in Manhattan.

It's got to be top notch if they can get a major Broadway star like St. John Devereaux to direct the school play.

Obviously, Norman Osborn would send his son to a top notch school, and Liz's parents seem well off enough to do the same. Ditto with Robbie being the Editor-in-Chief of a major metropolitan paper. As well George Stacy as a police captain.

But, considering the Parkers' money problems, if Midtown is a private school, how did they afford to get Peter in there and keep him there?

Greg responds...

M-cubed: Midtown Manhattan Magnet Senior High School. It's a public "magnet" school, with a number of different magnets on campus, including a Science Magnet, a Drama Magnet and a Civics Magnet. Flash is in the latter, though one gets the sense that his football prowess may have had something to do with getting him in.

It is considered one of the best overall programs in the city.

Response recorded on May 27, 2009