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Bazell writes...

This Spider-Man question pertains to the show's relationship to the official "canon" of the long running comic book (now in the early 600s for issue numbers).
When Marvel comics first started getting more popular due to books like Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, the connections between the books began to take shape along the way, sometimes independant of the individual on-going arcs. In some history channel documentary on comics I saw, Stan Lee talked about the creation of the shared world of many super-hero characters, the "Marvel Universe," began in an issue of Fantastic Four in which Reed was giving some press conference. the artists decided to draw Peter Parker as one of the photographers, clearly representing the Bugle at the event. That was somewhat of a digretion, but an interesting tidbit nonetheless.
Anyway, The Spectacular Spider-Man has clearly not had any interaction with any other Marvel characters for all the obvious reasons, but has also not to my knowledge acknowledged - even peripherally - the existence of other Super-Heroes elsewhere. Is it still safe to assume that the action depicted in the show is in the context of the Marvel Universe's continuity of, say, the mid to late 60s, which comprises a good portion of the storylines from which you are drawing?

Greg responds...

In my mind, yes. But until we get legal permission, I can't acknowledge that in the series itself. I even had to fight to use the phrase "Amazing Spider-Man" in the first episode, as we're not allowed to use that either generally.

Response recorded on May 27, 2009