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Alexnader writes...

Hey Greg
I've just watched the last episode of season two and I'm askin' myself - when you introduce a character by his name (like Gragan in the last episode, or Ben Reily) just for 2-3 seconds, do you plan to include them to the storyline or just for making us glad that we heard the name of Reily (cuz lots of people wanted Reily to be part of the show)?
And one more - God, how do you come up wit this stuff - the storyline, the relationships? (You're awesome)

Greg responds...


When did you hear the name Reilly? I honestly don't recall putting that in anywhere. It is, of course, May Parker's maiden name. But I don't even recall using it for that.

As for Gargan, I've already stated that Scorpion is part of our proposed Season Three.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009