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Antiyonder writes...

Before I forget again, here's the rest of the reviews for Season 1 of TSSM:

Group Therapy:
- Have to say that each member gets decent screentime and focus in a single 22 minute episode.

- Would of liked to have seen more interaction with Sandman and Rhino since they've worked together before receiving their powers, but otherwise it was good to see their past association touched upon here.

- I find the scene with Eddie to be both funny and sad at the same time. Funny because of how he describes it, sad because of what's being said.

- Reading the original Alien Costume saga, I wasn't completely surprised that Peter was sleeping during the fight, but it was just as entertaining regardless considering the intensity of the action.

- As for the origin itself, I'd say that merging the movie and comic version was a good move creative wise.

- Hearing Ed Asner in another Spider-Man role was a nice surprise. Makes a good Uncle Ben.

- The Black & White tone didn't bother me since I've seen several B&W shows, cartoons and comics/manga. Heck, it's pretty fitting for an episode based off a 1962 story.

- Seriously though, Sally felt sorry for Peter? Sounds like we're veering into a What If? territory (kidding).

Nature VS Nurture:
- Not much to say on Venom, but that the character is easily better than the comic. Eddie is more likable, and his transformation into Venom is coherent and well put together.

- Getting into the earlier stories through The Essential Spider-Man, it was easy to appreciate the appearances of Peter's various love interest.

- With that in mind I'm aware that Pete and MJ won't hook up right away, which is fine since this is about his early years. Besides, I find the Peter/Gwen dynamic to be just as good as the comic, maybe even better (And I'm not just saying it because of the look that she gives either, honest).

Greg responds...

Glad you liked the stuff!

Response recorded on June 25, 2009